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"Working with the Fitzmaurice Voicework® technique under Cynthia's gentle guidance has been a revelation. Not only have years of ingrained vocal bad habits and tensions been stripped away, but a better understanding of how a free and effortless vocal production can be achieved has been gained.

This technique is not only an essential discipline for every actor and singer, but a valuable asset to anyone who wants a fuller, more expressive voice".

G. Hoffman

"Among all the other classes I've taken at A.C.T., this course has been the most important for me. Breathing and voice is the foundation of all."

S. Akturk

"I felt incredibly safe in a process that at times made me feel quite vulnerable. I also felt kindly challenged by Cynthia throughout the whole experience. One of the things that I loved about Cynthia's teaching was the care that she gave to all of the questions that came up. It was very apparent very early on that she has an incredible knowledge base, and also that she loves sharing her knowledge with others."

R. Goodman

"It gave me important insights into how I can more effectively notice and use my breath to deepen my awareness of myself, to see how voice and breath and mind intertwine, and to communicate with more ease and flexibility. And it was a lot of fun."

J. Vallone

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